Tests & Results


You can view your results by logging into your Patient Access account. 

Please ring for your results in the timeframe indicated below:

  • Blood test/swabs - ring after 15:00 in 3 working days
  • Urine sample/swabs - ring after 15:00 in 3 working days

Remember it is YOUR responsibility to do this

Results for any patient over the age of 16 can only be given to the patient personally or to another party with the written consent of the patient to protect confidentiality.

Laboratory Specimens

If the doctor or practice nurse asks you to hand in a specimen, please do so before 10:15am in time for the laboratory collection.

Blood Tests

Blood Test Appointments

The Health Care Assistant holds a phlebotomy (blood taking) clinic Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 8.15am – 10.30am to fit in with the laboratory collection. Please be aware that our phlebotomist or practice nurse can only take blood if authorised by a clinician.  

Please do not book an appointment for a blood test unless – 

a) The GP/Practice Nurse has asked you attend for bloods

 b) You have received a letter from our practice asking you to make a blood test appointment

b) A hospital consultant/specialist nurse has given you a form or informed you they have put the request electronically on our computer system

Fasting Blood Test

You may be requested to fast before your blood test.  When fasting, eat nothing for 12 hours before your blood test but drink at least a glass of water.  Take your medication as usual.  The GP or Practice Nurse will let you know if you need fasting samples.